I firmly believe that every child has the potential to make a positive impact on the world, and that with the right environment and experiences, every child can explore, learn, and excel. My goal is to create a safe and caring environment where every learner has the opportunity to follow a “DISHA” (direction) that empowers them to take on challenges in every step of their life. I am excited to work towards this goal.

_____Girish Dogra

About Girish 

I am Girish Dogra, a highly qualified individual with postgraduate degrees in mathematics and education from Meerut University in India. I have been residing in Tokyo since 2009 and am the proud father of a  boy and a girl. My wife, who is also a seasoned educator from Rishikesh, shares my passion for raising children with strong character.

I am a thrill-seeker and enjoy participating in various sports adventures around the world, such as skydiving in Florida and scuba diving in the Andamans. In my new role on the school board, I plan to assist the school in implementing best practices in teaching and learning, and to help develop strategic growth plans for the school’s future. My teaching experience includes working in schools that offer national (C.B.S.E) and international curriculums (I.B/I.G.C.S.E/American), and I have recently completed an administrator certificate from an American-based organization (P.T.C) that trains teachers and administrators to run and govern international schools.