Quality Curriculum in education encompasses the all-round development of learners. The system of education, therefore, needs to ensure enabling conditions to allow each child to learn and progress. This requires a multi-pronged approach aiming at quality curriculum and its effective transaction in an enabling environment. At DIIS we empower our teachers to develop an understanding on the learning progression of individual children, identify the learning gaps and bridge them in time to facilitate their growth and development in a stress-free environment.



Through the framework of concept, competency, and character–the ES program focuses on the following subject areas.

  • English, Math, Hindi and Environmental Science
  • Computing,Robotics and digital literacy
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Music & Arts.

The subject learning outcomes are derived from the Learning Outcomes at the Elementary Stage developed by NCERT,, Google’s Be internet Awesome, Common Sense Media, Shape America’s physical education and Social Emotional Learning Curriculum(Happiness Program) of Delhi Govt and are integrated through thematic inquiry based units – making the concepts more meaningful and relatable.