Admission Policy

Disha Indian International School is committed to serving the educational needs of the Indian Diaspora and the globally-minded community of Tokyo and Yokohama. Disha Indian International School follows a co-education system that embraces and celebrates diversity in all our school-administered programs. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and, therefore, do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, caste, religion, or ethnic origin in our admission or educational policies.

Our philosophy, built on best practices, is committed to advancing equity and excellence in education through social and emotional learning to ensure that the needs of every child are met. To enroll, applicants and parents or guardians are expected to support our mission and core values and demonstrate the potential to succeed within our English-based curriculum. Parents or guardians must also demonstrate a willingness to work in partnership with the school in support of their child’s learning and development.

While the admissions process at Disha Indian International School is guided by an inclusive philosophy, the needs of each applicant are considered based on the ability of the school to deliver equitable access to all students. It is important to note that ongoing enrollment for students with special needs will be based on the students’ ability to function within the regular program. The school does not have the facilities or resources to accommodate children who have significant learning, social, emotional, or physical differences. Please note that any learning needs or social/emotional, physical, or behavioral issues must be fully disclosed and described in detail in the application for admission. Reports of professional assessments, along with details of extra support the applicant is receiving, must also be provided at the time of application. Failure to fully disclose such information at the time of application may result in the revocation of admission, and if discovered later after enrollment, may require withdrawal from school.

Should significant social/emotional/behavioral issues or learning differences become apparent following enrollment in the school, we reserve the right to review the student’s progress and determine the appropriateness of his/her continued enrollment in the school within the context of our learning support resources and capabilities and in consideration of the overall classroom environment. This review will include close consultation with parents but may also involve requiring parents to obtain external assessments. If we determine that we are unable to accommodate a student’s learning needs, or if parents are unwilling to obtain requested external assessments, the student will not be able to continue enrollment at Disha.

Application Deadlines

Disha Indian International School accepts applications for enrollment at all times of the year (depending on seat availability) .

Grade Placement

Students are placed with their age level peers and must be the appropriate age for the given grade level by April 1. Disha Indian International School reserves the right to review a student’s academic, social, and emotional readiness to ensure appropriate placement at any time.

Age (yrs)Grades
3Kindergarten (k1)Montessori Integrated Approach
4Kindergarten (k2)
5Kindergarten (k3)
6Grade 1N.C.E.R.T. Curriculum (As Per N.E.P.)
7Grade 2
8Grade 3
9Grade 4
10Grade 5
11Grade 6
12Grade 7
13Grade 8

The school intends to commence classes for kindergarten through grade 2 and progressively add one class each year until grade 8.

Acceptance of Japanese citizens

Article 1 of the School Education Law stipulates that it is the duty of Japanese parents to send their children to Article 1 schools during the compulsory period which covers the nine years from grade 1 to grade 9. Japanese parents must give full consideration to the legal implications before applying to Disha Indian international School as it does not hold the status of Article 1 school.

Special considerations

Priority for admission will be granted to children of faculty and administration, as well as siblings of currently enrolled students, provided they meet our established admission criteria.